Tuesday, August 13, 2013

xBhp Anniversary ride to Nagaon

xBhp Anniversary ride to Nagaon, Alibaug.
It was the 10th year of xBhp & for us a reason to get together & ride along in the monsoon. There was get together of Mumbai & Pune riders at Nagaon near Alibaug. Where we could have fun & a short ride.

Finally, my new Helmet comes out

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monsoon Ride to NH8-Dhabhosa-NH3

Had one of the best monsoon rides yesterday.. Venturing some superb country-side roads in mountains, with green plateaus surrounded, so many waterfalls, streams flowing on the road. Riding on wonderful roads, bad road, small road, too many ghats.. Worth it..!!

Home-Jawhar(via NH8)-Dhabhosa waterfalls (300fts) -Jawhar-Kasara(the best stretch of mountains travelling through waterfalls  greenery around)-NH3-Home.. a kicka$$ round spin of 400kms..

Friday, February 10, 2012

Touring Gets Double on the CBR

Touring just got double on my new acquisition - CBR250R
First ride of 2012, Exploring Gujarat..

Ride De Gujarat...!!
Rider : Rachit K

Pillion : Pooja K

Day 1

           Months passed by just thinking about long rides since my last Ride to Ladakh. Last christmas in 2010, I treated myself by gifting me a Sparkling Red CBR250R
Had a colleagues (Tulsi's) wedding to attend at Shihor, a village ahead of Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Approx 700kms from Mumbai. Can I think of any other excuse to initiate the ride. Wanted to make my trip worth by visiting some places on my return. I took a good break of 7 days. Later, surprisingly even my Wife showed the interest of accompanying me on this ride. I was little apprehensive initially of the comfort or problems my better half might face. So was over cautious about this & ensured couple of times that she wants to still opt for joining me in the ride without any mental or physical pressure (just kidding guys..! ;) )...
About the bike, as it had just 1100 kms on it with first servicing done. I was yet to test & feel its touring capabilities. And I think this was the best time to check it out, with Pillion, Saddle bags & a good distance to cover over some days. I picked up a bottle of chain lube spray. So lets see, if the bike stood promising for this ride & it didn't put my wife under a discomfort. As in my earlier tours I never tried having pillion over my saddle bags & specially never with wife. :)

Loading up the saddle bag in morning

The pillion seat after hooking up the bags
I think they where pretty comfortable. And hope both are happy, the bag & the pillion ;)

It was quiet late we started off, almost around 9. My aim wasn't to reach directly the destination on this day itself. As didnt wanted to make my companion feel stressed or tired out too much. Hence my target was to atleast make it till Vadodara, i.e. ~ 400kms & rest distance completing the next day.

First stop for the breakfast. Somewhere after 80kms.

 We had to later take a break for nature call. And fuel station was a perfect place for that ;)

Now, we had already entered gujarat. More then me, my wife was excited, as she was so proud on herself. That she actually came with me on BIKE in a different state ;)
It was already noon. And there was a lovely food court we spotted enroute. Thought of having the lunch break there. As I dont wanted to scare Pooja by taking her to just 'any' dhabha, like how we guys do usually ;), dont we.. :)

As we entered the people inside where little stunned to see a gal specially in those guards. But it was a good feel, to get this kind of stares specially from the Cars walas.. ;) What are we couple upto, could be the thoughts..!!
In about 2 hours of having food we where back on the road. We were already aware about the VEG journey we going to undertake for almost 70% of the ride. She was specially quiet excited to have a different flavor of food.
I kept ensuring in middle that shes comfortable sitting on the bike for long time. And asked her to poke me & hit my helmet ;) anytime she wants to take a break, I will just pull over. This was the day, where we didnt clicked many pix as wanted to cover some distance, atleast 400kms. So by 7pm, she was looking little tired. And hence I didnt wanted to push her much. So we spotted a nice hotel exactly on the highway. The rooms & the rates where really good. And thought of ending our day by this halt. She was not very fresh after riding for 400kms, Obviously!. But not much stressed also. So I wanted her to rest well. It was quite chilling around. That night, we had a lovely & authentic gujarati food (kaddi, khichdi, chaas).. And I quoted her, This is the beginning gal.!
Next day, we had to reach our friends place. Which was yet 300kms away. So again I end my day, hoping she enjoys the ride much more tomorrow. Cause, if I see her happy & enjoying the ride, no complaining. Ultimately am gonna be a happy man & enchanted.! ;)

Day 2

Today was the day, we had to reach the friends place. It was 300kms away. We woke up around at 7.30am. Vadodara was pretty chilling around. The climate was just perfect. My wife got up & went to the window just to have a pleasant sight: the open farms, the sun rising up, flock of birds around,cool air..! It was bit rare for her to witness such raw sight. And she felt more pleasant, after making it on two wheels. She was very fresh & we where all set & ready to roll. I loaded the bike with saddles. Got geared up & checked out of the hotel with a quick breakfast. As the hotel was just on the highway, it was good for us to resume the ride.

All set to hit the freeway..!!

Ahh.. The sun.. :)

Now, we didnt have a divider road later till the destination. Around 12pm & after covering 50-60kms.. My wife wanted to have a roadside tapri chai, After spotting one, we waited at a small stall for chai. :)

She spotted a chakdda.. A diesel bullet attached with a passenger cart, used as a common transport to carry locals. Though I have seen them a lot, but it was very new for my wife.. It was delightful to see her surprised, happy..!! She asked the owner and he readily agreed to let us get on it & made him click a pic..!! :)

Sorry for no helmets :D

Getting off the chakkda, she spotted a traditional gujarati villager. And in no time, convinced him for a snap :)

I was loving the company, as the fun had just got doubled up..!! So I let her hop around & even she loved interacting with locals, to know about the place & them..!
Later my bike went hungry & halted at a pump to fill her up..

Gals.. Never let go a halt with clicking or pestering locals to get clicked ;)

It was already little ahead of noon, and we wanted to take a break for gujarati lunch. On inquiring with locals there was a circle ahead with diversions, called Vataman Chokdi. So we reached there & took a food break & also to confirm the route. Here we ordered a gujarati thali. Which had loads of oil.. This doesnt mean, we will waste the food.. Finished till the last bite..!! :)
Checked with the hotel owner about the route. He suggested we go thru a shortcut. I asked him about the road condition, he said since you guys are on a motorcycle you wont even realize the bad road.. So I assumed, the road may be just little bad. He also confirmed, the bad patch is just 7-8kms. So we took the route : Pipali-Dholera-Vartej

We thought of then taking the route he suggested. As there was no reason, not believing him and accepting his suggestion. And left the hotel, ofcourse with a single click atleast.. ;)

Riding further, the road took no time turning from good-average-bad-worst.. The road was a disaster.. Bloody hotel owner let us take this route which was full of risks, atleast with the wife sharing the saddle..!!
We both abused the owner on every pothole we hit..! The road was slim, extremely bad, hardly any on coming vehicles. Top of that, road block forcing the vehicles to go down on gravel & sand as the work was in progress. We spotted 3-4 cars just toppled up in between..!
Road was all surrounded with salt panes & dry land on either sides. Adding up to the scary look.

    My wrist started paining badly. But I didnt wanted to wait even for a minute here & rode further praying that the road will turn better/good.. But this road was in the same disastrous state for 50-60kms... After every few kms of already riding on bad roads, I had to get off, get down on the gravel & ride more carefully. It was a night mare & I cursed myself, for not following the Google Maps & listening to the damn owner.. We promised ourselves, no matter whatever happens, how many additional kms we may have to do, but we wont take the same route on our return path.
Finally, reached Varatej, where the National Highway resumed. She never felt so happy, seeing the smooth tarmac. Though without dividers.
We took rest for a little while at the Chai Tapri & resumed quickly. As it was now 25-30kms left to reach the Destination - Shihor.
Finally made it to the place, called up my friend. She sent her uncle to receive us & we successfully & safely reached her place, completing the first half of the journey.! It was a small village.
This was the day, before her wedding. So it was time to dance & play garba. Vow..Gujarat.! My friends entire family & relatives where stunned & threw questions on us, to know the reason we chose riding on a motorcycle till here.
It was fun explaining them about the lovely journey we had..!
The people where so lovely, they helped us with every possible things even though being in middle of the marriage preparations. After exhausting entire energy, around at 1am in night we where given a nice room from many rooms exclusively for us in my friends relatives bungalow..!! I couldn't see this bungalow properly from outside, as it was already dark & was damn tired & crashed on the bed..!
Ahh.. The day ends.. Next is the wedding day. And after the wedding, we think about going to & spending some time at Daman with some beer & chicken on our way back. Lets see..

Day 3
This was the day, where we witnessed a typical Gujarati wedding, in an authentic style with lovely food (sweet though ;)).. And a beautiful reception in the evening under the stars.!!

Day 4
We planned to leave early morning today & had plans to make it till Surat at least.! Which was more than 400kms. But after waking up, we where treated with Gujarati jalebi & fafda & just kept chatting around with their family members. Glaring at the clock, surprised us as it was already past 11.30am. In no time, we got ready, geared up, saddles up & bid the lovely people bye & didnt forget to pack the fafdas
Before leaving we ensured that we dont come across the same nightmare road we encountered on our coming journey. So we where recommended to take the alternate route, which had good roads & ride quiet fast on them. We took the Dhanduka-Vataman Chokdi-Borsad route.
After riding for little less then 100kms we stopped for a fuel fill up. Looking at the opportunity, I requested a Tyre wala guy to come & help me tilt the bike a little, so I can lube the chain with some pix.

Riding further, we spotted a lovely temple enroute..

There was lot of sand around. But the road allowed us to travel really fast, even though starting very late.

We reached Jambusar, by evening.

This route led us through Bharuch to Ankleshwar. While reaching there, we where lucky enough to ride on the real historic 'Golden Bridge' passing over the majestic holy Narmada River. It is said to be more than 130 years old built by Britishers. There is also a railway track, which runs alongside. It was dark, hence couldnt take any pic & there was heavy traffic too.
We could see lots of temples, masjids around. The city was all confusing for us. After asking to many locals, a guy got ready to escort us till the exit & help us reach the NH. So we quietly followed him, though he was zip-zap cutting the traffic. We had a tough time matching up with him .
Finally, after lot of sweat full ride we where back on the lovely NH8.
Reached Surat around 8.30pm. Unable to find any hotels on the highway, we where just riding too tired. Came across a not so good hotel at Surat, just kept going further. I was worried for my wife, as we had a real hectic ride and was badly in a need a hotel first & then secondly it being a descent one . Though she told me to keep riding till Daman if we dont get any. But after some inquiries, we rode till Navsari & found a real good one just on the entrance of the City. And Checked in. My Uncle stays here, so thought of giving them a visit as well next morning before heading to daman.

I think i should quickly fatafatt complete this trip log with the pix I got..  

Day 5

Some harley riders we met enroute at Navsari, who where headed towards Rajasthan.

Gave a visit to my uncles place who stayed there & post afternoon, headed to Daman as wanted to chill around with some non-veg & beer.. 

my nephews panda 

Finally we meet .. 

Day6, we spent time & stayed there...


Return back home to Mumbai

Had a awesome ride with an awesome company..!!